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Albert Casson

Albert Casson

Cambridge, ON


Canadian Artist
Albert Casson

Albert was born in Orangeville Ontario on April 30th of 1950. At the age of three years his talent began to emerge and his parents gave him every opportunity to develop.

After winning many contests throughout public school and high school, Albert's love of art drew his focus on the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. He graduated out of O.C.A. from the Communications and Design department in 1972 and went to work in the commercial art field for the next five years before beginning his career as a fine artist. Albert promoted his wildlife artwork through galleries and art shows. He soon received recognition as Artist of the year in Barrie and Artist of the year for Friends of the Wye Marsh.

Soon Kodak Canada commissioned Albert to create a painting for
The Calgary Zoo 1986
The Vancouver Aquarium 1988
The R.M.S. Segwun steamship in Gravenhurst 1990
The Calgary Zoo again in 1992
The Winnipeg Zoo in 1993
The Molson Indy in 1995

Albert was soon being commissioned by
Panasonic Canada this commission was printed into a 675 print limited edition, framed and given as a special commemorative
gift to each employee for Panasonic Canada's 30th anniversary.
Royal City Realty eight separate commissions were made into limited edition prints to be used as closing gifts by their Royal City
Real Estate agents.
Albert is presently working on several other new works to be released soon.

He began his career by creating images totally made with dots in pen & ink (a technique called stippling). Each piece demanded many hours of work. After receiving recognition for his work using stippling he created a totally new method called Acrylic Graphite on Canvas. This technique was developed by creating images with acrylic paint on canvas and then working with graphite pencil on top of the acrylic paint to create the unique texture you see in his work. Albert then coated each painting in clear acrylic to protect the art work and prevent the graphite from smudging.

Albert continues to evolve and grow taking his art in new directions. Look for his new works to be released soon. He will touch your heart, your mind and your soul.



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Who Do You Love by Albert Casson


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